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Good morning sweet peas and pods, 

yes I'm still slacking! But but... oh my brain really needed a well deserved break :D :D
(any excuse to sim!) 

I'd been working for a while on a simself of my daughter - as a grown up and so far so good, all the family members I've sent it to (lol!) have given her a thumbs up - including little Miss Darcy herself! 

She's rather precious and I was tempted not to share but because I'm feeling generous, 
here she is :)

I've taken the unusual step of packaging her CC package files with her - that would be the mediafire link. If you take the Exchange link you will need to download the files as listed below.

Custard Approved
Requires: Pets, Late Night, Showtime & Generations. 
Master Suite & Diesel Sp's.

Store Items: 

Sliders by Hermi & Jonha


Caspin Sim said...

Aw! What a nice idea. Darcy's lovely and I love her wine-coloured dress.

brunettesimgirl said...

Lovely! She and I have a "beauty mark" in the same area on the face! :P

Yoteamo said...

Thanks Caspin! Yes nothing like a wine and tweed lol

Ahh B, you see I always knew you were special! <3
I absolutely love that beauty spot, it's so characteristic xx

Mene said...

Awwww Darcy is such a beauty <3

Yoteamo said...

Thank you Mene hehe I am quite impressed with myself actually lol XD xxx

Whitney said...

Where can I find that tweed blazer and wine dress?? I love it!

Wibs said...

She is so pretty and I love her outfits:) Good idea about including the package file in the mediafire link. Rec'd!

Yoteamo said...

Hey Whitney, The blazer and dress is from the Diesel SP! :)

@ Wibs, thanks roomay! yeh you know I dont normally do this because I respect the cc creators and I think it's only fair to direct traffic their way but in the same breath, this is my baby! lol

Stefan H Navetsea said...

she is very beautiful, and since she is modeled after your daughter then it is also a compliment to her, great job!

Yoteamo said...

Hey Navesta, thanks for dropping by and for the lovely comment. It means alot coming from you!! :))

heaven said...

I think she is absolutely gorgeous. Her clothes selection is astounding and I had to go add some of that stuff to my wishlist for when I get more points! I checked her with Custard myself and it appears that some things are attached to her sims3pack. Any way that you can upload her with a .sim file instead?

heaven said...

Never mind! I just installed her and uninstalled the content that came with her! Thanks for the lovely sim again!

Yoteamo said...

Hey there Heaven, thanks so much for dropping by and SO sorry for the late reply. To say I've been afk alot is a bit of an understatement at the moment lol.

I've considered uploading .sim files before but was unsure about it - but as you asked.. lol I will make an effort to do so :)
I really hope you enjoy her ingame xxx

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