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A Time To Reflect...

Hello my nearest and dearests, 

I am feeling quite sad & irritated this morning...
Going through my blog list, I just read a post made by quite a popular creator for TS3. I wont post a link because I dont want to intice a flame war by others, who may be left feeling rather angry or simply, quite sad like myself.

The post was basically a short one, to say that she felt the Actor Kirk Cameron, (whoever the hell he is) was right about his views on homosexuality and that he wasnt a homophobic, rather just saying what is said in the Bible and that 'we must stand with him and many others throughout the world'.

Now whilst I'm not Gay, or overly Religious I do have Gay friends and was raised a Catholic.

What irritates me the most about these types of people is they are so quick to spout out 'what the Bible says' and 'we must stand together' bla bla bla and choose to either A) Ignore or B) Forget one fundamental thing. 
It is NOT us who are to do the judging and condemning.

Anyway, I left a comment. I should of just closed the page but I cant help myself - anyway here is what I said for those who are interested.

Luke 6:37
“Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven;

Now I am not religious (or gay) but I am well aware of the many quotes about judging people and living in harmony. For those people who are quick to shout 'but that's what the Bible says..!' How about keeping those thoughts and judgements to yourself - like the Bible implies and leave the Judging to the Big Man Himself. Perhaps then we will live in more harmony.

I shall leave you with this verse to perhaps reflect upon..

James 4:11-12
Do not speak evil against one another, brothers. The one who speaks against a brother or judges his brother, speaks evil against the law and judges the law. But if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge. There is only one lawgiver and judge, he who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor?

This could turn into a heated debate, which anyone with a half ounce of sense will avoid. I shall leave your blog peacefully & I will not judge you like you & others have judged but remember, you shall stand together when you stand before Him.


Unknown said...

I think your post was refreshing among the other not so polite posts... :)

brunettesimgirl said...

I'm sorry you are angry and sad. :(

I understand though. Like you, I am not gay, but I do have a lot of acquaintances that are.

It's odd...I had just read something rather similar on the officials about the fact the game lets us allow our sims to be "gay" and that it's not "right" and should have brought the game up to a M rating.

Please. Isn't a relationship suppose to be about love and compassion? Who cares who the active members are in the relationship as long as the two in the relationship are honest, loving, compassionate for each other, and over all other things...they are happy. In my observation...it seems the gay couples are the ones that are in the happiest, healthiest relationships.

I'm not saying all heterosexual couples are not these things, but when you look at a gay couple..they are just so happy and content to be with the other person. You might be thinking..."oh, well they're in the "honeymoon" stage. Yeah we were like that for the first year of our relationship too". Then you find out they've been together for, like, five years...and they still have that "I'm in my honeymoon stage" look to them. Who wouldn't envy that? I know I would...I know I have!

Love is Love...who the hell cares who the members of that love is if they are happy. Who are we to tell other people how to live? Who are we to tell other people who they can, or cannot be with? There are a lot of people out there that have become so damn self righteous...it's sickening. Be concerned if you witness it being a domestic violence relationship...otherwise worry about your own damn self (that wasn't aimed at you Yoteamo...just ranting).

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Some people often asks: If aliens do exist, then why haven't they contacted us? My answer: Because they are smart. And the human stupidity is probably not very appealing to them.

There are more evidence that suggests that homosexuality is natural than unnatural. And any well educated individual with some common sense knows that. Just like they know that it isn't a disease, mental disorder or an active choice. Love is a beautiful thing, even when it happens between two individuals of the same gender.

I am not religious. I have my own belief system which is partly based on my own experiences. And I know there are some very nice and decent religious people, who can think for themselves. But I also know that many of them are big hypocrites (only religious when it suits them) who clearly can't think for themselves. I hate it when people are hiding behind their religion just to justify their hate and prejudices.

And lastly, a thought about hell. Hell is only what humans have created here on earth in so many depressing ways. We have for example decided that certain groups of individuals should be hunted, discriminated and in some cases even get killed, because of something that they are simply born with. I can't think of a worse hell.

Mene said...

Goodness I was in a bit of debate about this the other day on another site I frequent. So I'm not going to get into it again.

But I do detest the religious zealots who clamp on to the craziest part of the bible then spout off on it and take it literally. Then totally forget about the love thy neighbor bit.
And if you don't know who Kirk Cameron is, he is a sitcom star from the 80's. So he is totally relevent to the now. Here is a charming picture of him celebrating his birthday http://s969.photobucket.com/albums/ae171/meamarie/?action=view&current=happybirthdaykirkcameron.jpg

loved by he's many followers indeed /sarcasm

Have a lovely Day Yote. And don't let this topic get you down.

Wibs said...

I'm not gay or religious either, but narrow minded people like that make my eye twitch. And Kirk Cameron is a has-been teen idol who found religion. Now he spends his time preaching his warped views. He is a joke.

E.R. Bass said...

Kirk Cameron is a bit of an extremist.

The bible has been worked on by people more than Kim Kardashian on her back. Who knows what the actual bible says? A lot of the teachings related to actual problems of it's time. Back when there was a dozen people on the planet-- sure, homosexuality would not be helpful in order for God's people to 'be fruitful & multiply'.

Kirk and people like him are results of trying to apply rules of an ancient society to today. Technically, we are all going to hell because of something dumb.

I cut my hair-- I'm also an abomination.

I'm living with my White boyfriend of 7 years. I am going to hell.... twice.

I eat shellfish and pork. I am going to hell.

Just think about it: We have War, Famine, Greed, Diseases, Insurance companies, Murderers, Pedophiles, and people of the same sex wanting to marry each other.

Which seems like the biggest threat to humankind?

Yoteamo said...

Oh my goodness! Sorry guys, I've totally neglected my pc today. I am not ignoring you but I have done alot of sleeping thanks to this cruddy cold and chest infection...

Thank you for enlightening me on who this Kirk Cameron is. Lol Mene, is that really a picture of him with all of his family and friends? :D :D

@ Unknown - thank you very much for stopping by to say that. I havent actually been back and revisited her post for the sake of my blood pressure! :)

Thank you my friends who have also stopped by to share your thoughts and opinions. It's actually cheered me up no end to know that none of you are secret bigots. I'm sure we'd all get on like a house on fire with a few bottles of wine and a hot debate. lol

Whilst this topic is not a light one, I do believe that everyone is entitled to their thoughts and opinions but those people who hide behind religion as mentioned, make me truly sick to the pit of my stomach.

She has written about making a stand with Cameron and others against homosexuality but as ER Bass points out - look at all of the other crap going on in the world. I recently saw a programme about the 'tent cities' and starving kids in the USA at the moment. How about humanity making a stand together aginst the super powers for our right to survive as humans and equals?

I do believe we are all entitled to that regardless of anything.

Love you guys! Stay Cool!

Anonymous said...

What really pissed me off was that she was talking about "coming together and keep spreading the prejudices" because that's what they're doing. I am not straight so I know how it feels to go through life being hated because of something that I can't change (and never chosed). And I agree with you about being entitled to your opinion.

But only as long as those opinions doesn't hurt anyone or encourages people to discriminate against certain groups of individuals. And besides, there are real and much bigger problems to worry about in the world o_O I completely agree with ER bass.

Have a great day Yoteish :D *hugz*

Caspin said...

You did brilliantly to counter their post with relevant Bible quotations, Yote! I hope that she will reflect on those, although it sounds as though she falls into the group that only like the bits of the Bible that they can twist to 'justify' their prejudices.

Live and let live, is what I say. Or, to come over all pagan, "if it harm none, do what you will".

Hope you feel better soon, there are some horrid chest infections going round here at the mo.

Caspin x

Yoteamo said...

@ Manssom - did you manage to see her post? It's pretty lame. I also agree with you about sharing opinions that may hurt people and incite hate. We have enough hate to deal with without adding discrimination in there as well!
Ah well, keep your chin up pink cheeks. We love you! <3 *hugs*

@ Caspin - thank you :) Actually I think (hope) it did give her thought for reflection because I went back (I couldnt help myself lol) and she's really backtracking saying she loves all and judges no one etc etc. Well I dont know but I think that by proclaiming you agree that gays are detrimental to society and we must stand together against them tells me otherwise. I also got quite a lot of pleasure seeing that her 'following' has reduced rather significantly. hehehe
It's funny that you mention that Pagan quote, my Nanna used to say that to me all the time.

Ah yeh the chest infection is on the mend. I hope I'm fully recovered before I go to Poland next week.


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