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Semi Delight 3br 2ba

Hello my lovelies!

I'm baaaaack from my travels to Wroclaw and can finally give you guys the latest request house I made.
This build caused me some serious headaches after finally learning the hard way why not to save a build with cheats on... so here it is!

Semi Delight
A 3br, 2ba Semi Detached Home
Lot Size: 40x40
CC Free
Only Ep's and Sp's required. - All of 'em ;)
A couple of store items but they're only random decor and wont be missed.

I also give thee.. lots of pics!

Finally I can go to sleep. Man it's 2am here!

I hope you enjoy


Amanda said...

B-eautiful house! ♥

I'm glad to hear your back,Hope everything is well with your boyfriends father! ♥

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Yote :] I have missed you ^__^ Got your new build rec'd for you! It looks like a nice little family home :]

Wibs said...

Good morning, sweet cheeks :) So glad you were able to sort this house out and it looks fabulous as usual! Love the bedroom and kitchen, and the colors you've used throughout - got it rec'd :)

Yoteamo said...

Wooo hello ladies and pink cheeks <3

@ Amanda, thanks so much my super Kawaii friend. Everything is going well, especially as he's managed to stay away from the cigarettes. Onwards and upwards to a successful recovery :)

@ Manssom, I have missed you too lovely :3
Thanks for the rec! <3

@ Wibs, Morning Peaches! Thanks alot roomie, I was almost a quivering wreck at the thought of rebuilding but fortunately everything went to plan. Thanks for the rec <3 <3

Mene said...

Beautiful house Yote! I had it rec'd as soon as I saw it on the exchange. Love the kitchen and the walls are dreamy :D
And Welcome Back ^.^

Yoteamo said...

Aww lovely little Mene, thanks so much <3 <3 *glomps you to death* :D

imoger said...

Welcome back! And what a comeback! WOW, your new lot is amazing and beautiful! :) Love the architecture and the interiors! Gorgeous work as always, love your houses. Your requester will be very delighted :)

Yoteamo said...

Thaank you! This build drove me nuts because I made a mistake leaving cheats on when I saved it. I learnt my lesson the hard way...as usual. Some things in life never change hehe *hugs*

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