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Update: Added a CC Free Version to Studio for you CC Free Junkies! (scroll dooooown)


The sun is shining and after a good nights sleep & much deliberation, I decided to stop being silly and share one of my favourite simmies with you! Treat her well <3
(I'll try to get a CC free version up to the exchange later)

Traits: Shy, Artistic, Great Kisser, Insane, Clumsy
Lifetime Wish: Star New Anchor (hey everyone's entitled to a dream!)

 Please do not reupload or claim as your own work please!

CC Credits:
Eyebrows by Miss Daydream
Headphones by Capitalsims
Boots by Juliana 
Jeans & Formalwear Top by Anubis
Everyday top by NY Girl
Lipstick S-Club Privee 
CAP by Bluemurder

Not included:
Lemonleaf A1.5 Non Default Skin  (although ephemera NV1 work nicely too)
Hair by Elexis
Blush by Shyne
Nails by Aikea 

Other clothes included are from Master Suite & Generations.
Checked with Custard 

Requires Store Items: Dress Boots



Manssom said...

Hi Yoteish :D Great work on Sayuri!! I love her name :] Oh and the nyan cat <3 haha. Thanks for sharing your awesomeness ^__^

Caspin said...

It is rather sunny and bright today isn't it!

Sayuri is a very pretty young lady, love the headphones.

brunettesimgirl said...

She is adorable! ♥. I love the pics of the roommates as well. ♥

Wibs said...


Mene said...

YAY for not being silly :P OMG she is so freakin' cute ♥ Love the outfits and the striped stockings.
Strange it's sunny here today too, yesterday it was raining/snowing/hailing/windy/gross. And today it's beautiful.
Enjoy your day ^.^

Yoteamo said...

@ Manssom - thanks pink cheeks! I love her name too hehe

@ Caspin - Thanks! Yes I foudn the headphones and new they were just perfect for her hehe

@ B - thanks lovely <3

@ Wibs - love you too lol

@ Mene - Thank you little Mene! The stockings were a must have hehe

Oh and about the weather, apparently it's not going to last for long. At least not here :(

Amanda said...

Hehe you decided to share her..Awesome! ^_^

I'm sure everybody will enjoy her in game...I haven't been able to play her (And her Fiance ;) ) just yet cause I've been doing a Sunset Valley makeover but I will later today!

Thank you so much for sharing her with me and everybody else!


Yoteamo said...

Yes I decided to just 'get over myself' and my unhealthy obsession with my sims lol

Ohh woah a fiance!? I predict babies <3 lol Cant wait for some updates there :)

And you are most welcome! xx

brunettesimgirl said...

Look what I found on Sims3updates.net!



Yoteamo said...

Huzzah!! I know I'm so amazed, I saw it last night and took a screenie LOL Definately going in on my 'stride of pride' moments hahaha

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