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Stonewood Stable House

Good evening peaches!

Well...I finally found my mojo, it was hiding somewhere amongst a number of game errors, crashes and general annoyances. 

I'm too tired to ramble on today, as much as I'd love to so I'm just going to get it over with and present to you the basics and TONS of pics:

Stonewood Stable House
2br 2.5ba, 2 Stables
60 x 60
No CC 

All EP's & SP's (not MS)
Full Store Item List below, NB: I've highlighted the windows and curtains
The rest is just plants and random decor which you can replace with what you like!

Store List

Pineapple Pottery

Shades of Grass

Silence is Golden Box

Tropi-Con FauxFrond

The Sims Classic- Forever Redwood Potted Tree

Forever Living Plant

Pearlescent Candle

Orchids of Many

Elegant Swirls Lite

Transparent Window by BahHaus

Elegant Swirls Wide

Potted Bamboo Glory

Inertia Swivel

BahHaus Fantasy Arch

Northern Lights

Sweet Serenity Lily Pad Mini Pond

Eleganza Drapes

La-Di-Da Windows by BahHaus

A-Simetry Portal

King of Suede

Spa Necessities

Rough Rodeo Table Sculpture

Piece of Paradise Fan Palms

Reed Basket


Little Trees

Tropical Leaves of Repose

BahHaus Immaculate Window

I Love Me Mirror

VDBM-880 Wall Mirror

Roman Numeral


Wibs said...

Ooooh-weee! This is stunning, my lovely:) I especially like the brown/beige color palette, and that bathroom is divine! Rec'd it!

brunettesimgirl said...

Wow! I love this! I agree with Wibs, it's so stunning! :) Rec from me! :)

Yoteamo said...

Geees and peas! Thank you lovely ladies <3
I also fell slightly in love with the bathroom...what I would give to have a bit of that kind of luxury at home..one can only dream lol

itguyinsc (aka-scdesigner2003) said...

You are extremely skilled in creating a soothing environment with your builds. Each one is inviting, classy and stylish! Not only are you a talented builder, but you are an amazing sim creator as well. Kudos to you my dear!

Yoteamo said...

Thank you SO much Itsy!! Wow what a compliment, you've made my morning <3
My own home is a far cry from the ones I create which is probably why they end up like they do. My house is far from soothing, it looks like a bomb dropped LOL My daughter has far too many toys all over the place, the interiors I create I are places I would like to be in, just to escape the mayhem for a while lol

SimEve said...

This is just gorgeous, Yo! D,R,F!

brunettesimgirl said...

Gorgeous! I love the modern country look to it. :D

And that bathroom! :O I don't think I'd ever come out! LOL

brunettesimgirl said...

Hahahaha! I just realized I've already commented on this. LMAO it's been a long 3 days....

Mene said...

This is just awesome Yote! After I reinstall (grrrrr) I'm going to assault your studio >:/
HAHAHAHAHA In the mean time I got it rec'd and fav'd :D
I do have one ity bity question... The light in the bedroom, that lovely standing lamp that swoops down I have never seen that before. Where is it from?

Mene said...

Oh wow haha I had no idea this was a smilie *>:/* Look at it waving his little hand. Not exactly what I needed, but I guess it will work @,@

Yoteamo said...

Sorry for the late reply girlies, I've been making the most of my child free weekend with some good company and lots of cava LOL

@ Eve, thanks so much for dropping by lovely and the DRF!! I'm so flattered, thank you <3

@ B, LOL you made me chuckle, I'm glad I'm not the only one with a fried memory right about now <3 Thank you for MORE lovely comments, you're a gem <3

@ Mene, hey treacle! Feel free to assault my studio, I have a feeling it will like it LOL Thank you for the rec and fav <3
The light in the bedroom, I'm pretty sure thats a showtime lamp. Did you manage to get it yet??
LOL @ the smilie discovery! Gratz honey, I didnt know it existed either hehehe

Mene said...

No, I haven't gotten Showtime yet. Maybe I'll get it as a treat for myself on my birthday ^.^

Caspin said...

That's a fine looking house. *Joins queue to use beautiful bathroom.*

I'm glad to hear that you found your mojo, it's always annoying when those go missing!

Yoteamo said...

@ Mene, DO treat yourself! Never mind the social features, the extra content is awesome <3

@ Caspin, hello lovely! Thank you <3 & lol, it's a pretty big que you may have you cross your legs! :D :D

Caspin said...

Hee hee! It's OK, it's the bath tub that I am interested in and I'm happy to queue. Lots of bubbles please, preferably soapy ones in the bath and a glass of prosecco on the side.

It's funny, I always want a nice bath when it's raining. Like there isn't enough water around!


Anulaa89 said...

Very beautiful house! <3 Thank ou so much for sharing :)

Yoteamo said...

Oh Caspin the weather here has been dreadful hasnt it lol - yes time for a warm bath I agree!! With some bubbles in a glass on the side lol xx

Anulaa - thanks for much for dropping by and commenting! I'm glad you like it *hug*

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