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Caliruse House

Ooo Ooo Aaaah Aaaah
Hello cheeky little monkeys!

I've been kind of MIA for a little over a week - we can thank the stomach bug that absolutely
destroyed me and is now devouring my little lady.
 I hope you're all doing just peachy <3

I've finally managed to finish off my latest DNA request, so here it is!

Caliruse House
5br 3ba
EP & SP content only. No Store, No CC! 
(meh, 2 store items. Free Tv and Lights)
Custard Approved & Play Tested 

Lots of pics in no particular order!


Wibs said...

I can't believe the launcher is giving you grief again! Anyhoo, splendid house as per ususal from you :) I really like the blue bed room with the single bed and nightstand arrangement under the bunk bed - clever idea!

Yoteamo said...

Hey lovely, thank you <3 I tell you, I tend to only get half genious ideas when I'm sick! lol
I finally managed to upload it to the exchange but yeh, the launcher really hates me lately.
OH and I just realised, there is a store item in there..always one!! lol

imoger said...

Hi, sweetie! Amazing work in all details! :)
My fav is the diningroom, and the kids' rooms - love the colours!
I'm glad that you found your creative mojo.

Caspin said...

Splendid job, Yote, love the house!

Glad you are feeling better, these stomach bugs need to buzz off.

Yoteamo said...

@ Imoger, hello my team mate of awesomeness!
Thank you so much, I really like the kids rooms too hehe and yes! I am nothing without my mojo lol
I'm going to tie it to my leg :) Or eat it.. hehe

@ Caspin, Thank you and YES! No more bugs.. it's funny you mentioned they need to buzz off as everyone around here is dropping like flies! lol

Amanda said...


The house is Gorgous especially the pool area...for some reason mine look kinda boring sometimes! ^_^

I hope you and your lil bug is doing alright! *Hugs*
Uh yeah my mojo grew legs and walked off *phbtt*
But trying to get it back lol!

BeAz said...

Olá Yoteamo! Antes de mais quero desejar-lhe as melhoras, que tudo corra pelo melhor.

Em ralação a esta calorosa casinha, ela ficou magnifica, adorei a decoração, os padrões que utilizou são lindos e fez uma combinação de cores perfeita. Parabéns por este trabalho deslumbrante!

Beijos, querida!

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