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Hello pickles, 

I made a new sim tonight. I've been very productive since dragging myself out of bed at 3pm this afternoon... hehehe!
Definately making the most of the peace and quiet at the moment oh and by the way... has anyone watched The Killing? Scandinavian crime drama... it's amazing! I watched all 20 ep's in 24 hours hence the sleeping in all day lol.

*cough* err.. anyway...  here he is!

Left heartbroken years ago, Arnel cant seem to settle down, not only in love but in life generally. Will he find the right town for him? Will he ever stop job hopping? More importantly will he ever let someone get close enough to marry? 

Requires Pets, Late Night & Showtime
Diesel, High End Loft, Master Suite & Outdoor Living.


Wibs said...

Well, well - and who is the handsome fella? Oh, he looks yummy if I may say so - off to leave a well deserved rec :)

Yoteamo said...

Thanks roomie! This little bit of eye candy turned out quite well considering male sims are definately not my forte lol!

BeAz said...

Arnel pareceu-me muito sensual e bonito, gostei.

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