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Dandy Duplex 2br 2ba

hello again! for the 2nd time today... it's amazing how productive I can be when my little girl isn't here lol. Saying that, I miss her terribly and cant wait for her to come home tomorrow <3

So uhm yeh where was I..? aha yes!
So this apartment I've been working on, off and on for a few weeks has finally come together. I originally built it as a home for my simself and Wibs as we're Roomies & I really wanted to give us an uber cool pad for Lucky Palms. 

I decided to share it with you guys as a starter home...for 18k simos, so you better get yourself a housemate!

Dandy Duplex
Functional Apartment
30 x 30

I am actually, slightly, just a little bit, absolutely in love with this house lol.

To keep the External Look you only really need

Visit The Exchange Link for a full list of Store Items although for some reason the windows aren't in the list!!
The counters aren't in the list either... CocoCounter from Nothing Atoll


SimEve said...

How in the world did you do that for 18k??? Wow! It's definitely one of the best starters ever.

Yoteamo said...

lol thanks Evie! I love this place so much I can't help it, so pleased you like it too!

Hmm well a little depreciation goes along way not to mention using the cheapest of the cheap with some recolouring hehe

I dont know what's up with the exchange list.. I've just noticed that the store list also doesn't include the CocoCounter from Nothing Atoll which I've used as they're cheaper than basegame. *sigh* looks like I'll have to put a store list together myself... xx

Caspin Sim said...

My, my, you are a very productive simmer this weekend! I hope your little one had a good time on her mini-break.

Love Dandy Duplex, it looks terrific and is most bargainous. Can't believe you produced it in just a day.

*Stands back a bit to admire Yote's Mighty MOJO!*

Wibs said...

Oh my, 18k goes a long way in your game - this is ab fab fo sho (no, I haven't turned into a gangsta. lol). Love the exterior walls and the plum-purpley color - off to rec :)

I have noticed that the store list has been more messed up than usual, half the things aren't listed. Especially hair it seems, I used a few store hairs on my recent household uploads and on Inez - NONE were listed...*roll eyes*.

Yoteamo said...

@ Caspin, yes she's gone to the sea side and sounds full of beans!
Thank you but I must confess... It took much longer than a day lol. I think I showed Wibs my Wip pics about 3 weeks ago hahaha

@ Wibs, Thanks roomie you secret gangsta you! The store list is completely scuppered, so I sat up last night working on a store free version. Hey you dont even need Lucky Palms! lol


Anonymous said...

This is just simply stunning Yote. If I make a sim could we be roommates so I get to live in a place like this? XD Obviously it would have to be altered slightly to be a little more masculine, lol ^___^

--Wibble :D

Yoteamo said...

Thanks Wibble! To be perfectly honest though, I prefer the store free version lol! Although I'm hoping Wibs will revamp it at some point.... *pokes her*

lol sure, post your simself I'm sure we can find a snazzy duplex to pop you in :D

Anonymous said...

I am still yet to make a convincing simself but when I do I'll get him right over to you :D

--Wibble :D

BeAz said...

Pequeno lar acolhedor, gostei muito. Parabéns pelo trabalho!

kanmani said...

Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.

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Amit Sharma said...

Beautiful Designs or architecture..Thanks for sharing it.Property in Bhopal

Yoteamo said...

Thank you both for you comments :) I shall take a look at your duplex designs in Chennai and Bhopal, maybe I can get some more inspiration!

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