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Zomg! A new post already... and with a creation!? Yes, I didnt quite expect it to happen so soon myself either.... I guess inspiration came to me last night after checking out the Plus Sized Sim Contest Wibs had entered! 

It's so true, not enough chubsters on the exchange and I have quite a fondness curves as I am rather voluptuous myself! :D :D
I cant help it...cookie Jar said YES! & calls my name quite frequently... 

Let me introduce a sim who shares my fondness of food..
..Kimmie :D

Charismatic,  Natural Cook, Great Kisser, Nurturing & Childish.
Likes Stir Fry, Rockabilly & Grey.

Download Exchange 
 (not showing up!! FU Exchange!)

Store Items: 

CC Credits:
(oops I put they were her Pretty Girl Ones in the Bio)


BeAz said...

Linda, ficou maravilhosa!


Caspin Sim said...

Love the wink! She looks at lot of fun. I wonder if she'll make it onto the Exchange one day!

Yoteamo said...

@ BeAz, thank you so much lovely <3

@ Caspin, thanks, I wanted her to be a big, cuddly funbag. I mean bag of fun... LOL
Hmmph, you're guess is as good as mine.. I've tried 3 times with no success. Says shes uploaded but not there. First time I've uploaded in about 8 weeks too.. oh well I shall console myself with another cookie lmao

Yoteamo said...

your not you're** >.< typo's

Caspin Sim said...

Funbag, lol. The way she is gazing lovingly at her ice cream reminds me of.... how I would gaze at ice cream :)

Yoteamo said...

omg I was thinking the same thing! That pic is just an ordinary ingame pose of eating ice cream, (clearly lol) but I was really impressed with the facials. I look at my Carte D'or Amaretto like that, oh and the caramel cinnamon waffle too.. not to mention the rum raisen, phish food, cookie dough... hehehe

Wibs said...

Oooh - cuteness overload ♥ Love her smile and pink hair:) Are you entering her in the contest as well? Virtual rec from me anyway!

I have pretty much given up using CC in sims3pack form, the Sims rarely show up in my studio. But if I use the same CC in package form they all show up. What gives, EA?! Fix it! /mini rant over.

Yoteamo said...

Ahhhh that's so good to know! I must try package files next time.. bloody EA, love to make things difficult!
Thank you roomie <3 I was deliberating on entering but as she wont show in my studio I dont think I will :<
Maybe I'll make a CC free version... hmm...

brunettesimgirl said...

So cute! I love that dress in the second pic! ♥
Virtual rec from me! :D

theloveofpixels said...

Aww she is too cute! Love the the pink theme she wears. It's adorable on her♥

Mene said...

She is adorable! I love her expression with the ice cream :D I'm going to grab this beauty from mediafire (screw you EA :P )
I have a very hard time uploading anything to my studio. CC or not it usually takes about 3 tries :(

Yoteamo said...

@ B, thanks pickle! I might end up just uploading the dress as she's not gonna make it into my studio ;)

@ Chelsey, hehe thank you <3

@ Mene, yay! I hope you enjoy her in your game :D Dont forget to grab her non default skin lol
Uhhh,thanks for letting me know. I hate these upload issues, I hope I have better luck with my CC free ones & you do too *hugs*

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