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Kitty and Billy Defoe *Updated*

Sims were showing as 'black ie skinless' in game. Have fixed and reuploaded

CC Free
Download HERE 

In my pictures skin by Lady Frontbum, nails by Aikea and Contacts Lenses by Shyne


xocaptiveox said...

They are cuties :) I especially love the "sailor" theme of Kitty's outfits!

Yoteamo said...

Aww thanks Chelsey! I have to agree, Kitty looks so cute in game and was really pleased with how her overall appearance turned out! I'm thinking of moving my blog over to tumblr though... decisions decisions

xocaptiveox said...

:) It is so much fun on Tumblr. The Sims community there is incredible!

Yoteamo said...

I cant work out how to make a post there LOL

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