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AMG where does the time go

Hello my lovelies, 

no I havent forgotten that I'm a Sims Addict thats supposed to be building, decorating, building, decorating - because that's what I like to do! I just dont know where the time has gone.. I had a party on Friday that left me rather rotten til Sunday. I suppose hogging a bottle of rum to myself was not a good idea although at the time it seemed ingenious to carry the bottle and glass around with me all night. Until I couldnt stand up - literally. Commencing to sit there with one eye open, feeling rather sick and praying everyone would just go so I could hog the toilet.

Also, I've been playing Billy & Kitty. She so damn cute.. and busy working on their little love pad. Then again she's been busy loving in alot of pads - I wonder who the father will be!? *drum roll..* Scandalous.

Plus I decided to get on and make a modern build for Rubysims Contest. I've still got the entire top floor to decorate.. as well as finishing touches downstairs. Modern builds are not my forte.. so it's taking me what seems like a lifetime to get anything done.

Then Will >.< made another request. Basically giving me a shell to design the interior space and fully decorate (cry) It's a gym. Fun times.... would it be rude to say 'hey I really cba'?

All the while I still havent finished my Madlemosstoss Modern Gothic house. To be fair.. it's a huge undertaking and I think I spent so much time on the original 'Eliza June' painted lady version I've kind of run out of steam for it.

Oh and finally, my boyfriend just paid for my xmas trip to Poland to meet his parents! *Huzzah!* As I'm so broke and as he lubs me so much. How we're going to survive almost 2 weeks with no WoW and no TS3 is beyond me. But I'm SO Excited!  Going to another country.. to meet his parents and stay with them over Christmas is kinda like.. serious right?

Oh and they have a laptop.. I can play Yoville. He will just have to watch mwahahaha

Anyway here are some pictures of the current Wips (that WILL be finished!) to keep you updated!

I actually built this as I ran out of lots by Wibs and as they're a bit of a 50's couple, I'm trying to do the whole 50s vibe thingy.. favourite room so far is the kitchen. Its just so 'Kitty Defoe'

And here is a snippet of the Modern. Dont worry - I have gotten rid of those awful shiny couches. They have been replaced with some fabric. Still not finished! Feel free to nit pick at it and tell me what is poo 

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Wibs said...

LOL @ the "I've ran out of lots by Wibs"!

I absolutely love that 50's kitchen, it's so authentic - can't wait to see more pics of that house:)

And your modern house is coming along nicely, love the living room;) I actually quite like those shiny couches. lol. Love how you made the wood floors into stylish rugs. *steals that trick*

Yoteamo said...

Wibs you have a whole street in Hidden Springs! I had one more space to fill after bulldozing everything and replacing the lots with 20 x 30s so I built that lol I was trying to make sure it fitted in with all your lovely builds so I hope I did ok :D

Ahh yes I adore the Kitchen and Kitty looks so cute in there I must take more screenies. The rest of the house is almost done.. just need to fix the nursery and study. The living room is a little bland perhaps but I think you'll like the bedroom. Ahh soon done, will post more pics when completo!

And tyvm, the living room is rather neato hehe but I have so much more to do. And none of it is as cool as the living room :( As for the rugs! Oh my gosh, Svyln directed me to a tutorial by Fidlerten. Holy crap that guy can make a rug! I must find the link and send it your way although I did that rug on my own (/flex) lol

Yoteamo said...

Here we go http://www.thesims3.com/contentDetail.html?contentId=186697 It's amazing, I have no idea how he creates half of them..

Wibs said...

Thanks for the link, I have faved it so I can study his tricks thoroughly ;)

I've been doing the same with HS myself, bulldozing and adding my own and other creator's lots instead of the hideous (and rather large) EA lots. And I'm almost ready to finally play, I just have the house that my family will live in left. Just have a couple of rooms left that is. I haven't actually played the game in almost 2 months now, I was quite bored with it to be honest. That's why I've been building so much, and making Sims instead. But now I'm ready to just play again :)

Yoteamo said...

Nooo dont play again give us more lots and sims!! lol

MindFreedom said...

The colors of the kitchen are stunningly cool and warm! :)

Yoteamo said...

Thank you MindFreedom! I'm glad you said that as I did have some doubts :)

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