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Is It me Or..

Is this SO Annoying?! She posted these in the space of 1.5 hours..

 Rly? I'm sure your efforts were appreciated by the OP.. very much so.


Wibs said...

Oh God, her again. She's getting quite famous, if you recall I blogged about her asking what a Mac is. lol. I just went to that thread, and to be fair others are bumping as well. But she is taking bumping to a whole new level. That thread may on the road to deletion if she keeps it up. I personally love her utterly useless reply on this thread: http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/441178.page. She may be young, but she's still an idiot!

Yoteamo said...

Omg you crack me up that is just Epic - 'UGHHHH! you no i dont have an email and my mom wont let me make a stinkin' website! ' lmao.
I was going to enter for fun but I dunno if I can cope doing something like that with her involved & not telling her at some stage that she's an idiot. I actually feel sorry for Pepper

keshialee said...

I just don't know what to say...

It really makes me wonder though with these 'young children' and what they post on the forums... I have two wee kidlets not old enough for internet browsing but if I ever caught them writing some of the things these kids write I'd send them to bed with no super ;) (joking, but I hope you get me!)

Do these parents not monitor at all what they get up to?

Yoteamo said...

Oh Keshia I'm with you on that lol

I'm pretty sure she's not a teen but I think that actually alot of parents dont moniter their kids unfortunately. My 'friend' let her kid have a pc with internet in her room from the age of 6.. it's a shame what some people will do for peace and quiet.

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