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Autumn Wear

Ok Ok So I've succumbed to the 'recolouring bug' that seems to be spreading around the forums. Does that make me poo? It all started with a little contest over in gifting.. that lead to another little contest over in gifting that has lead me to become a bit of a recolours whore. I think I am missing my CC too.. anyhoo.. I decided that my Sim Carmel needed an Autumnal Wardrobe and thought some of you might be interested in my recolours?

Showcase  HERE!
Outfit Links Below

Green Tea:

Autumn Plum:

Green Bean:

Autumn Rose:


keshialee said...

I love that top. It reminds me of some wonderful finds on my many op-shop adventures. The re-colours look great :)

Is that the flute forward dress as well in the showcase? I love that dress, I was having trouble with the sim's leg not appearing with it so I turned it into a package file and it seemed to fix it :)

Yoteamo said...

Oh snap I love it too! lol Its the kinda thing I would love to come across in a 2nd hand shop - is that what an op shop is?
Thanks so much I'm glad you like the recolours I wasnt ure if anyone would be particulalry interested hehe
It is indeed the Flute Forwards dress, it's gorgeous isnt it. I was horrified when I first got it to see my sim hobbling around with only one leg but fortunately i found a fix which I've listed. I dont think I'm clever enough to make a package file hehe

keshialee said...

They certainly are... Op stands for 'opportunity shop', they are normally a musky smelling little store run by charity's as a money maker, i.e the Red Cross :)

Yoteamo said...

Lol Opportunity shops.. well thats one way of putting it! In that case me and my mum are going opportunity shopping in the morning funnily enough. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for a jacket like that one wish me luck haha

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