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The Gatlins

Good evening Simmers!

This evening I bring a litte more gore to my blog with some Halloween additions. I am too tired to pretty up the pics so you'll have to make-do with ingame ones totally unedited apart from the cover shots.

Once again, these Halloweeners are Store Free & CC Free. I also think I made them basegame (apart from Emmy's Doll that Moses plays with is from Gen)

Download Household HERE!!
Download Lot HERE!!
More Pics HERE!!

Enjoy <3


keshialee said...

Love these, just goes to show that you can be extra creative without the need for CC, have rec'd them for you and also mentioned in a thread that someone was searching for some Halloween goodies in :)

Question for you, I was having a look in your studio when getting the links... is there a secret to keeping the size of the uploads down when you upload them to the exchange... I noticed that a lot of your lots are under 10 mb to down load, mine are up in the 20's for same size lots?

Yoteamo said...

Ahh thank you Keshia you lil Peach! Spread the word spread the word lol Ah but seriously, I really appreciate that <3

Hmm I'd never really paid much attention to my upload sizes but I've just had a look and lol? They're weeny. I can only assume its because they dont have any CC? I also cant often be arsed to use custom patterns so there wont be many of those in the lots either. Do you use much Cc?

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