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Akai Akuma - Fusion Lounge

Hello peas and pods!

Omg, it's like... 3am but I had to get this finished! Plus I was having a ball play testing it with mine and Wib's simselves :D :D

Ok, I got the new Japanese set from the store and I loved it. I have most of the japanese stuff and wanted a place to use it as it does nothing but catch dust. I also wanted to create something for my homie Chemicalwibs because seriously... she's just awesome. I have so many of her lots in my game <3 ...and she's my virtual roomie!

So roomie... this is dedicated to you.
I thought Red Devil was appropriate as we're both fiery :P

I'm a bit worried because she's a complete fuss pot with a serious OCD for changing everything she add's to her game. I guess if I see pics of it in her game, I wont recognise it lol.

Here goes...

ps: there are pics of the build and then a few fun ones of me and Wibs play testing :P

CC Free
Akai Akuma
Fusion Lounge
20 x 20

like it? Great! Keep looking!

Birdseye Views

Roomies check out the new Lounge in town...

So we arrive and Wibs walks straight into the door.
I pretend I don't see *hahaha*

We head straight down to the club. 
It's not quite happening as I spin some vinyl but Wib's gets in the groove anyway!

Before long there's a crowd - because I'm clearly awesome.
I notice Wib's sneaking off.. 

I later found Wib's flirting with Ezekiel Ried..

Before long they headed into one of the shady massage booths!!

Oh girl... hell no!

I'll spare you the details, but we had a good night and finished up casually with a game of pool :)

Requires: Late Night, World Adventures,  Showtime, Generations & Ambitions.
High End Loft, Master Suite, Town Life, Outdoor Living.

Custard Approved

Contains store items, see exchange link.

Hope you enjoy!
Yote xx


pinkdoll1989 said...

Wow! It look awesome! You are really a great builder! ^^ I bought the set too but I use it in my Sims house instead. If you will use it in your sims house, it will look great! Keep up the good work!

Caspin Sim said...

Jaw-droppingly wonderful build, Yote! I love Japanese style, it's so beautiful.

Now to cook up some delicious foodstuffs on the fancy grill... to the Red Devil!

Mare 1969 said...

I'd really like a beautiful Japanese restaurant where my sim can work as a cook while I watch it. You just added a little 'pepper with massage beds, A very beautiful Rec'd

Jennifer said...

Wow, what a fantastic venue! Simply stunning, thank you! :)

Wibs said...

Ooooo-weeee! What an awesome place, and fun too by the looks of the 2 of us:) Thank you for this, my lovely roomie - can't wait to play this in my game ♥♥♥

And FYI - I would never give some random dude a massage, my simself is straying a lil' bit. lol

Yoteamo said...

@ cherry, hey girl thanks alot! I'd love to use it in my sims house but I dont think I can build an oriental house that I'd be happy with lol. Thanks for the compliemt :)

@ Caspin, thanks so much my fellow Brit! Hi ho hi ho, off to the red devil we go... :D

@ Mare, hey lady! Thanks so much, I hope you enjoy xx

@ Jenn, you're very welcome lovely <3

@ Wibs - ha! so pleased you like, I know what a fuss pot you are LOL It's about time I gave something back as my game is riddled with your wonderful builds :)
Hey not some random guy! It's Ezekiel Reid! He's like... celebrity! lol I promise to keep the reins on you xx

BeAz Sims said...

Linda, adorei o salão! Muito bem decorado, parabéns!

Yoteamo said...

Hey BeAz! thank you so much! *hugs*

Tender Wolf said...

I love it!!! I'm a huge fan of Asian builds (or anything Asian/Japanese for that matter), so this is incredible! Love the name too. DRF from me!

Yoteamo said...

omg Tender Wolf thank you and I'm SO sorry for the delay in replying - I seriously did not get any notification that anyone else posted on this thread. :(
I hope you enjoy in your game :)

Caspin Sim said...

Ah Yote - good news! I got Aurora Skies so now have a set of spiral stairs. No longer will your top cocktail venue have to suffer abuse with me shoving in regular stairs at inappropriate angles and knocking out walls in the process lol!

Yoteamo said...

Woooo!! Ah Caspin that's great news <3 I'm not sure whether I'm happy about the spiral stairs or more happy at all the amazing items you will love with Aurora Skies?! lol
Regardless, I hope you enjoy many a fancy cocktail xx

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