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Lots to Give 4br 3.5ba

Hello sweet peas and pods!

I finally managed to finish my latest build request as part of the DNA Team on the officials - it took a while longer than expected as it kinda fell into my daughters school half term. We've been pretty manic and just max chillaxed today :D

The request, was to make a house like the one from the film 'Something's Gotta Give' but for Sunlit palms and to think upscale beachy, Hamptons style.. hmm well here it is... I hope I pulled it off ok.

ps - the kitchen is probably my most favourite kitchen I've made yet!

Lots to Give
40 x 40

Pic Spam Commencing!

There is so much more to this house but I honestly feel like I shouldnt post more pics and let you explore!

Custard Approved
Requires: All EP's & Master Suite, High End Loft, Outdoor Living & Town Life SP's
Contains Store Items - see exchange link for list. 

Til next time hunneh's <3


brunettesimgirl said...

Downloaded and rec'd! :D
It's beautiful! ♥

kimwriter75 said...

Third pic down, after cover...the double level living room is near flawless. How did you achieve that? The colors meld and lighting is spot on!

Yoteamo said...

Thanks B!! I truly hope you enjoy it <3

Hey Kim! Ahh that was achieved with an abundance of buydebug lighting & patience (that I dont have) LOL gotta love buydebug hehe

brunettesimgirl said...

I've gotta fix some stuff in the house (for whatever reason, my game doesn't like to recognize the same store items you used even though I have them as well--I've had this problems before).

Caspin Sim said...

It looks amazing Yote. What beautiful decorating - and yes, the kitchen is mighty fine!

*Goes to make tea in kitchen cubby hole, dreaming of so much counter space!*

Mare 1969 said...

I miei dettagli preferiti sono la camera da letto e il bagno, ma è tutta assolutamente incredibile, rec con piacere e se non contenesse tanti oggetti dello store l'avrei scaricata alla velocità della luce, tantissimi complimenti

Yoteamo said...

Oh B that's poo, I've had it happen to me too before. Let me know if you need me to upload any patterns or have any questions about what items were used and replaced xx

Capsin! Thanks so much my lovely, wouldn't it be dreamy to have that much counter space?! I have a gally kitchen? Hope that's what it's called - long and slim. It makes me feel claustraphobic when Darcy is baking in there with friends lol.

Mare, thank you so much <3 Sorry it contains so much store but the requester owns the entire store I think so I just went nuts!! lol. Hope to see your request soon at DNA xx

brunettesimgirl said...

Thanks Yote! I think I got it...I may need a few other pics of rooms if that's okay, but I'll let you know if I do.

It's still an awesome house! ♥

Yoteamo said...

Hey B! sorry for the late reply I was out tonight for Bonfire Night and am chilled to the bone lol. Seriously need to invest in thermals for myself!

More pics are no problem, just let me know which ones you need if any. Glad you're enjoying xx

BeAz Sims said...

Ficou linda, parabéns!

pinkdoll1989 said...

It is beautiful~~~~ How I wish I can create one like that.

Amanda said...

OMG! It's Beautiful! ♥

I am so downloading this! ^^

Yoteamo said...

Hey girls!
Thanks so much, Cherry - you can create one like this. Just practise <3

Amandaaa *hug* Thank you! It contains a ton of store items so have fun dressing the rooms as you please if you dont have it all xxx

YllkaFcInter said...

can i donwload but i have only the sims 3 showtime

Yoteamo said...

Hey Yllka, you can download but the house will almost certainly look nothing like it's supposed to as it utilises almost every EP and SP.

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