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Victorious 4br 2.5 ba

Good evening lovlies,

I hope everyone is well? The weather has turned here in London, it's cold and I've been totally rinsing the heating. Not looking forwards to my winter bills... anyway...

...I've been cracking on with my latest DNA Request by Bee1977, who STILL hasn't replied to any of my messages. Some people...!!! Not that I mind, as usual I've fallen a bit in love with this build and now have my family living in it hehe!

After some serious head scratching - as Victorian's aren't really my thing, I present thee with:

4br  2.5ba
'changes with the seasons'

CC Free & Custard Approved

Requires All EP's and SP's but not KP... 

Contains Store Content - mainly small decor items - see exchange link for list. 
To retain the exterior exactly you will need:
Archibald Door  (front door only)
(which isn't listed on the exchange list) 

Also contain's item's from the free sets HERE
The Xmas set's are back up!

ta ta for now itteh bitteh kitteh's xxxx


Kasnii said...

Love it! :)

pinkdoll1989 said...

Wow~~~ it is gorgeous!!! <3 How I wish I can build such house for my sims!

Caspin Sim said...

Oooh! It's lovely Yote. I love those deep colours you've used on some of the walls. And how exciting that lots can now change for the season. I can't wait to get that EP!

Jennifer said...

This is so lovely! The kitchen looks amazing and he bathroom and family room looks so cozy. Nicely done. :)

Yoteamo said...

OOhh lovely comments to brighten my morning! <3

@ Kasnii - thank you!! :)

@ Cherry - thanks so much and hey, keep practising and you will be able to. There are really good tutorials on the offical forums, creative corner ;)

@ Caspin - yes me too, I LOVE deep colours, of course they're not to everyone's taste but the requester mentioned greens and browns. I usually go for a non offensive palette of neutrals so it was really nice to decorate it how I would like to lol You must hurry and get the EP, I'm thoroughly enjoying it. It's a bit confusing the seasonal marker but I got there in the end lol. Thank you <3

@ Jenn, hey Jenn! Thanks so much for dropping by and the lovely comment. Hope you're well xx

pinkdoll1989 said...

Thanks for your encouragement! I will <3

BeAz Sims said...


Anonymous said...

This house is wonderful !
It looks like a house I'd want to have in real life ;)

Although, it only contains Exchange contents ? (I'm French, please pardon some mistranslation... And the fact that I want to be sure about the CC)
I already had problems with houses with CC, but I want yours so much !
Thanks :)

Yoteamo said...

Thank you BeAz! <3

Hey Lustuu, thanks so much for the lovely comment. I wouldn't mind living here in real life either! lol

There is no 3rd party CC in this build. Only items from EP's, SP's and store items.
Hope this helps xx

Suzy said...

Great build! Where did you get the Christmas tree with the presents under it?

Yoteamo said...

Hey Suzy, thank you! you can download all the free holiday sets here: http://store.thesims3.com/setsProductListing.html?catalogId=10143&categoryId=&scategoryId=12238&pcategoryId=12858&ppcategoryId=12238

Wibs said...

Sorry to be arriving fashionably late to the party, but you know what they say: better late than never! GAH, this house is simply stunning - you know I am a fan of you, but you have outdone yourself here :) I am seeing most of my favorite colors in the fabulous interior design - love it and I want that kitchen in real life! Bravo - off to rec and fave ♥♥♥

Yoteamo said...

Rooomie! You're always welcome late as long as you bring a bottle lol.

Thanks SO much <3 lol yes the colours, ah you know we share a fondness for the same palette but I hadn't used these colours since Rubysim's Modern competition! I always feel you pull them off far better than I, however this house was screaming for some warm, bold tones :D Ahh so glad you like the kitchen too as I wasn't sure how I felt about it lol.
Hurry up and get creating woman, you're missed!

Sarah Ashley said...

I so love this house it is currently housing my coven of vampires, though I was hoping maybe I could request a house in Victorian style as this, but I wasn't sure how to contact you. you make such lovely houses and sims so I was hoping maybe you could maybe help me bring to life the dream Victorian house I have in mind for my coven. I sent a friend request to you on thesims3.com my username is Honest_Sweets , I am new to having an account of my own so I am not sure how to send messages on their or how to ask you. so I thought Id try commenting on here. I will be anxiously awaiting a reply to this comment or the friend request. thank you in advance and have a good day!! :)

Sarah Ashley said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Yoteamo said...

Hey Sarah,

thanks alot for your lovely comment, I'm delighted you love the house!
I removed your second comment as you never know what freak is laying in wait for some personal details lol
I haven't managed to play TS3 properly in a loooong time due to full time work and being a mum but with that said, I'd be glad to help you. Maybe a new project is just what I need haha! Victorian style isn't my usual thing and this house came from my 'mind' with some influences from the houses around where I live. What kind of Victorian are you after?
I guess when I have a better idea of what you need creating, I can give you a guesstimate of how long it will take to make. I should probably mention I'm quite a slow builder/decorater lol.
Accepted your FR and it's SO nice to know that people still like and use my houses :)
You made my day xx

Sarah Ashley said...

lol well glad to hear that. I basically want a grand Victorian that has eight bedrooms and the main floor looks normal but old fashioned. I want a basement for maybe a theatre room and bathroom and bar with a really old goth like door somewhere like at the end of a hall or something that leads down to a another lower basement where there are 8 rooms all designed for the 8 vampires with the vampire slab things from late night along with those rooms a bathroom, a work out room and a grand library/study. upstairs will have modern appliances but old looking furniture. outside id like a pool with the walls and floor painted red almost as if they were swimming in blood but I don't want the pool to look like a simple rectangle or square shape lol. I also want a Jacuzzi and then a gazebo with a grill and table in it so I guess it would be fairly big. im gonna send you a pic of my vampires and a sample of what you could make the outside look like if it helps to your email and im perfectly fine with waiting til its done. ill be anxiously waiting. thank you so much lol

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