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Shame on you AlbertaRose

So this morning, I sit down with a hot chocolate... I'm feeling all mellow when a post was brought to my attention. 

Seriously, if there's one thing that really gets my goat, it's self righteous, egotistical, arrogant, cavalier, contemptuous mo'fo's.

Quote AlbertaRose:
'I'm not usually one to criticize others' work in any negative fashion, but Patty, I commend you for trying, but as a request builder, I wouldn't consider that house to be more than a mere resemblance of the original. Good try tho!

- Alberta, ever heard of CONSTRUCTIVE critique? Yes, I'm sure you have - you've received plenty of it yourself. Now I'm not one to criticize others work either but I may make a special exception for you and really go all out.  :3

Skittles, if you're happy with Patty's build, please disregard my criticism. If, however, you would prefer a better build, you can always put in a request with my team (BuildSims) or any of the others. If you don't mind waiting a week or two I can always add it to my list. (I would definitely be able to have it finished well before Christmas ) '

a BETTER build? (seriously my eyes are bulging out of my face right now..) ...suggesting that poor ole' Patty's is not good enough?! WHO ARE YOU to make the assumption the build wasn't good enough in the first place?! 

Then later...

Edit: I noticed Patty removed the original upload. It wasn't my intention to sound negative, I was giving her an honest "critique", but on a request team the house has to look like the picture. Hers had the default red corrugated roof, she "tried" to make it look somewhat the same and she did give it a good try, but she does not yet have the skills to accomplish this build. With time I'm sure she'll get better. We all started somewhere.

- YES we all did start somewhere, fortunately not all of us received 'critique' like yours. If we did I'm sure none of us would be the builders we are now. Heavens forbid, I ever come across another post like this from you. Next time I won't be airing my thoughts more privately on my blog, away from the place you lurk - but in the very place you seem to think you are a 'someone'. 


Caspin Sim said...

What a depressing thread. Patty entered a house in my Four Seasons contest and she was a really nice simmer and enthusiastic about her build. I hope she's not feeling too bad about this horrible incident. :(

Wibs said...

The rudeness of some people! *fumes* Ruth posted a well written reply to AR on the thread, which I completely agree with. That crap that AR pulled is NOT what CC is about and as far from "constructive criticism" as you can get. I also left a comment on Patty's page. I noticed that AR has apologized on the thread now, I just hope is not too little too late *smh*

Caspin Sim said...

It's really upsetting. I imagine it must have been very hurtful to see those comments from AR but Patty acted with dignity to just remove her link and quietly step away. The response from Ruth was very good and I was pleased to see others agreeing with it. I was less pleased to see the OP doing nothing much to support Patty and instead fawning over AR for sending her a gift.

I should stop following the thread and look away or I'm going to need to sign up for anger management classes. Can I have some hot chocolate, Yote, and is there some brandy to go in it?!

Yoteamo said...

Oh ladies, so glad you're with me!
*hands Caspin the brandy*

Ruth's reply was brilliant, I doubt that I could have written something so tasteful. I was so angry I would have gotten really carried away!!
I am pleased to see an apology from AR however, I doubt very much she would have posted one had Ruth not pulled her up.

Caspin, yeh I can't believe that. Maybe the OP feels a bit embarrassed, I dunno. I hope AR sent Patty a gift too!!
I'm having trouble with the forums today so fortunately having difficulty following. It really made me so angry though...!!

Wibs said...

I noticed that Patty has removed most of the support comments on her wall, so it looks like she just wants to forget about this. I just hope she wont let one person's rudeness keep her from sharing her creations in the future.

Yoteamo said...

Ahh at least she is being dignified and knows she has everyone's support. I'd probably want to forget about it too if I'm honest and steer clear of AR!
I hope it hasn't knocked her confidence either and continues to share. Honestly if someone had spoken to me like that when I first started posting creations I would of been absolutely mortified!!!

Caspin Sim said...

I'm keeping hold of this brandy because it's so cold tonight I think I'll need a few warming sips!

AR has posted on her page (I saw a Friend comment on it and that drew my attention) that she is upset by the attacks of negativity she has suffered on the forum and is no longer taking build requests there. Zero points for empathy :(

Have good weekends both of you. I'm going to be sending Caspin the Sim to explore Monte Vista :)


pinkdoll1989 said...

OMG~~~ AR is so bad! If I am Patty, i probably have give up and never accept any request from other players anymore. :(

Yoteamo said...

Oh yes Caspin and here - take one of my homemade winter cookies, spiced with treacle, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg, coated in chocolate. So heavenly! :D

Ahh I saw that AR continued to throw herself a pity party but has finally apologised to Patty. We've had a lovely weekend thanks, I hope you do too in MV. <3 xx

Cherry, I know right! What a bashing to ones confidence. I hope she comes back full of confidence though xx

Anonymous said...

" was giving her an honest "critique", but on a request team the house has"

Did patty say she was on a request team? No she didn't' so to judge her like she's part of a team is just wrong...Poor patty.:( Not it makes me not want to share my stuff.

Great blog by the way! Who did the layout?

Yoteamo said...

Hey Katara! thank you and PLEASE don't not share! Sorry for the late reply, had another busy weekend (daughters 5th bday)! :D

My blog is from http://www.ezwpthemes.com

Layla Sims said...

I've just discovered you this morning and all I can say is, I'm gonna like her!

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