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Una Casa 2br 1ba starter

Good afternoon my little joyous bag of nuts!

Cashew nuts, pistachio nuts, brazilian nuts, honey roasted nuts, black pepper nuts, chocolate coated nuts...  I'm not sure if it's because I'm feeling truly festive but I've filled up my jar of nuts - and I can't leave them alone!  :D :D

So, last week I got Monte Vista - I really like it! Of course.. the unappealing starter home in the town centre wasn't really saying much. I decided to place an old starter I'd made and revamp it with an italian vibe and also to make it a working apartment. 

So, I present thee with

Una Casa
2br 1ba Ground Floor Apartment
20 x 20

Pic spam, although not many as it's only a small house.

I hope you enjoy it! I think I'll release another version of this apartment - open up the top floor for you guys to live in or something.

No CC Checked With Custard
Requires: All EP's, Town Life, Outdoor Living Stuff & Monte Vista

The Store list names a heap of stuff that's not in the build!

Download Exchange
Download Mediafire

Yote xx


pinkdoll1989 said...

Wow! It look awesome! It is definitely a good starter house for a sim or a couple! Hope to see more photos of it and looking forward to the version 2! <3 it!

Caspin Sim said...

It is too good to be true! What a perfect house for MV :)

*Gets nut cracker and safety goggles ready*

Wibs said...

Ooooh-weeee! Fantastico! I am loving the textures you've used here, as well as the colors in the bedroom. And the archways, must not forget to mention the archways! Off to rec :)

Yoteamo said...

@ Cherry, thanks girl ;) I'm not sure I will post more pics of this actual build as a ground floor apartment but I shall step on version 2 asap. It probably won't be available for a couple of weeks as I still need to make my tumblr followers gift and my latest DNA request. Hopefully I can squeeze it in somewhere inbetween lol

@ Caspin - LOL omg, I remember my grandad getting a bit of flying shell in his eye. Not good man, those nutcrackers are lethal shizzle hahaha! Thank you lovely <3

@ Wibs, thanks pickle <3 Ahh yes the deep red bedroom..wouldn't mind a night in there myself lol.

Wibs said...

MV looks great, but I don't like EA very much these days and so I wont be giving them any financial support ;) Also, smaller worlds is more my thang.

Ahhh, tumblr. I have one, yes. Tried to do something with it a couple of weeks ago, adding a theme and what not. Failure. lol. I do not get tumblr at all, I think I need a course in it or something *feels stupid*

BeAz Sims said...

Linda, maravilhosa, estou encantada! Parabéns pelo seu excelente trabalho!


Yoteamo said...

@ BeAz, thank you so much lovely <3

@ Wibs, yes I completely understand. I am also begrudging of throwing cash at EA and I'm on a PC!! I too like smaller worlds so I'm going to try and make the town centre my home lol.

Tumblr - OMG - nightmare! I had tumblr since last year and I've only just worked out how to use it. That's with TWO DAYS to do my theme and get to grips with it. Don't feel stupid, maybe I can help you. I managed to tweak a theme to suit my style so I can take a look at the html for you. Also it's really nice, there are a couple of bloggers who I found are using my homes! It's so awesome to see them being utilized hehe I believe you're tagged to a few posts too ;)

Kate Knight said...

This is really beautiful Yote, I pushed the recommend and the favourite buttons over on TS3 :)

Mare 1969 said...

Molto molto bella soprattutto l'idea della veranda con gli archi è d'impatto complimenti! Ovviamente rec'd

Wibs said...

Yeah, I keep getting visits from tumblr and so I know some people like me over there;) Any help with getting started would be greatly appreciated:)

Springfairy556 said...

Your blog is beautiful! How did you get such a nice layout!

And your homes are stunning.Wish I was as talented as you.

Yoteamo said...

@ Kate, thanks so much lovely <3

@ Violetta - omg Italian sounds so nice..... wish I could speak it! lol. Thank you for the rec and so pleased you like it <3

@ Wibs, I'll email you in a mojo <3

@ Springfairy - well well well... I didn't expect to see you on Blogger! Thanks so much, I just downloaded a layout as I was too lazy to make my own lol. That could soon change though as I've had this layout for 2 years or something. It's looking a bit tired and thanks for the lovely comment. Practise gets you one step closer to perfection. I try to practise everyday :)

SimEve said...

asdfhalshf;alksjfskjf;sjf.... wt :O How in the world did you make this for 15k? Amazing. It's gorgeous too. D,R,F!

Kitkat said...

Gorgeous! Left you a rec and shared on my FB :)

Yoteamo said...

@ Evie - thanks SO much!! Hmm it's indeed cheap as chips but remember it's only a ground floor apartment! Technically, the pool doesn't belong to you lol :D :D

@ Kitkat - thanks a million for the rec and share <3

imoger said...

Hi, sweetie! Amazingly beautiful creation again! Love your work for a long time and it has a reason!! *hugs*

buckosnort said...

Gorgeous! <3 I already rec'd ;)

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