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Lake View Make-Over

Hello cats, kittens, boys, dolls and cheeky MONKEHS!!

It's been a while hasn't it... whilst I've been slacking in sims - I've not been slacking in real life I promise you. *hides my slippers*

So my boyfriend (lovely guy he is...) treated me to Aurora Skies as I really wanted it for my Valentines Day present hehe! I do love the world apart from the shitty snow issue (but what do we expect from EA) however it's not put me off playing there. It's beautiful even if I'm not playing it snow covered!

Anyway errr yes SO! I had to get around fixing up a house for my family the Aoki - Iwate's. I kinda like it... ALOT so I thought I'd share it. 
It utilises quite a bit of store stuff as I wanted to make the most of the items from the latest toddler sets and what not.

Lake View Make-over
25 x 25
Checked with Custard

Pic Spam Commencing

Oh look more piccies!

Requires: ALL EP's
Diesel, Outdoor Living, Town Life & Master Suite SP's
World items from: Aurora Skies & Monte Vista
Plus Store items - see exchange link for list of stuff

 I hope you enjoy it!
ta ra for now pickles
yote xx


Lukasz Forster said...

Awww looks great babe! :*

Caspin Sim said...

Ooooh nice house. You didn't feel tempted to give it a bright yellow or blue roof seeing as it's in Aurora Sky?!

Looks like a proper family home - super duper!

Yoteamo said...

thanks babe! <3

Hey Caspin, thanks and YES! Originally the house had a bright red roof and a bright red fence which looked fab in the snow but then the snow looked like shit and that put me in a dark place. The dark roof reflects my mood at the point of realising EA had managed to trick us into thinking this is the perfect winter world.
I might make it red again... hmm...

Caspin Sim said...

Oh! So the snow in Aurora looks crappy? Why is that then? I thought that this particular town would look it's best in the snow, with all the lights in the sky and the bright houses. Naughty EA.

brunettesimgirl said...

Awesome house Yote! Where is the picture in the living room from?

Yoteamo said...

Oh Caspin don't get me started... Lukasz had to listen to me moaning about it last night. I thought it was a graphical error with the town somehow then I headed over to the forums.... http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/650201.page Absolutely scandelous imo. Especially as they promoted the town with that beautiful snowy pic.... naughty EA is putting it mildly! BUT it is beautiful, well I feel it is. Nevertheless I WANT FRIGGING SNOW!

HEy B <3 Thank you darling and the pic is from the world. It comes in different options that are pretty, kinda like ikea pictures lol

Caspin Sim said...

Mucky snow! Oh dear. I'm sorry about that, Yote, very disappointing. Your house looks great though and I actually really like the dark roof. :)

brunettesimgirl said...

Thanks Yote! I'll have to look harder for it then. :P As I haven't seem to be able to find it yet. :P

Yoteamo said...

aww cheers ears! I quite like the dark too, makes the flowers stand out more hehe!

Hey B! the picture is disguised as a black horse on a blue background. There are other prints on that canvas xx

Ty said...

this is just great!

BeAz Sims said...

Linda, adorei, ficou fantástica!

Yoteamo said...

Thank you Ty and BeAz :) <3

xdarkxemoxangelx said...

Gorgeous! I love it! =) Is everything supposed to go ghosty and see through, though? o=

Yoteamo said...

Hey dark angel, thank you and sorry for the late reply! I've been out since 9am as I'm so hardcore.. lol

Dark & ghostly you say - I assume this is in build/buy mode? That's because the lot is 'seasonal'
To edit:
1) testingcheatsenabled true
2) buydebug on
3) buymode/build mode - may need to toggle until the seasonal lot marker shows up in the middle of the front garden path
4) shift click seasonal marker
5) set season 'common'
6) in common mode you can edit the normal furniture as you wish the house to look 'everyday' so to speak'
7) choosing spring/autumn etc.. you can change the decor items or play items in the garden
8) after making changes in an mode shift click marker again and chose 'save common objects'
9) play away :P
don't worry - it's much easier than it sounds to explain.
Hope this helps?

Yoteamo said...


Seasonal Marker Basics :)

Wibs said...

Awww, this is lovely :) Love the kitchen and dining area. And I see Gingham patterns around, my favorite (which I tend to over use, but that's another story) And the kids room is adorbs :)

Ahem, I think an update on the family is long overdue! I want to see moar pics of the kids, moar pics I tell you!

Anyhoo, off to rec this fabulous crib :)

Charlie Sims said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful build. It has inspired me so much and I am now editing Aurora Skies so that I can live in this wonderful home. Also thank you for the tutorial on editing the lot and on how to use the seasonal ball. I hope some day to do an art gallery with it with all custom paintings ;-)

Yoteamo said...

Roomie! <3 Really pleased you like it and yes! I had to roll with some Gingham in this one lol. I thought it was perfect for the 'family' room being all child friendly and stuff :D

Gosh, an update - I swear I have like a trillion pics. I started organising them last month on my Darcy free weekend but I really do need to sit down and spend an afternoon combing through. I promise I will do this soon lol.
Thanks for the rec <3

Hey Charlie :) Thanks for dropping by and for the lovely comments. So pleased you find my bad explanations somewhat helpful hehe make sure you post a link to your art gallery when you've done it! :D

Wibs said...

So despite the issues and bugs with AS, with the lighting and snow and whatever else lurks beneath the surface, there's no denying that it comes with some really neat new items. And for that reason I'm glad I got the Gold version :) I love that section sofa and the fridge, the clothes are also decent and love that pony tail hair. But tell me, where is that TV from?

Yoteamo said...

my darling Wibs, you have eyes like a hawk! Ok so that telly is a Dr Pepper item that uhm.. yeh... I can email you a link as it's not included with the house. The only item that's actually not included :P

Oh and yes I totes agree, whilst AS has it's Major flaws it's still a beautiful world with fantastic items. I LOVE all the new toddler stuffs, I've had to make toddler lifespan longer for Linnea so she can get to enjoy them fully lol

Wibs said...

Thanks for the link:)

That toddler community lot that came with the town is kind of rubbish - not to mention how all the loud patterns made my head hurt! lol. But love the new stuff for the little ones for sure:)

Yoteamo said...

gracious, I couldn't agree more! What an eyesore that centre is - so.. now that you've mentioned it *grins wickedly* can we expect a fantastic rebuild from you?? :D :D

Wibs said...

Ahahaha, no - I don't have any immediate plans to rebuild it. I'd rather place some of the new items around on my existing community lots tbh;)

Amanda said...

It's Beautiful doll! ♥

But I don't have Aurora skies...*sniff* :(

I'm gonna have to buy it soon then! ^_^

Yoteamo said...

Amandaaaa <3 Thank you peaches <3

I do really like AS, I hope you like it too :) Just dont expect the snow to look nice lol xx

SimEve said...

Beautiful work as always! I went to you studio and got all caught up. Lots of recs and I added Victorious to my favorites as well. And... sparklies1 :D Haha love that.

Yoteamo said...

Hey Evie!

thanks for dropping in and for the studio catch up, I really appreciate it :D I'm so glad you like Victorious! It's one of my current favourites and I have my family living in it hehe and lol! sparklies <3 a girl needs some sparklies :D :D xx

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